About Me

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioethics & Humanities at the University of Washington School of Medicine and an Ethics Consultant for UW Medicine's Ethics Consultation Service. 

I completed my PhD in Philosophy at the Graduate Center, CUNY, under the supervision of Virginia Held My dissertation investigates an intersection between empathy, virtue ethics, and care ethics. Ultimately, I argue that empathic attunement is a virtue, one that demands a relational interpretation of character.

My work in bioethics extends this theoretical work to medical care, where much of my research employs virtue ethics and care ethics to guide providers through ethical conflicts. I consider what it would mean to establish structures that would enable and encourage empathy. I use case studies to motivate a fundamentally relational understanding of patient identity and medical decision-making. And throughout, I pay special attention to how social norms can cause inequities in patient care, seeking insight from feminist discourses on how to respond to these injustices. See published manuscripts, papers in progress, and upcoming presentations for more...

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